KYB Corporation is a Japanese company, with global sales of $3.8 billion. It is one of the world’s largest suppliers of original equipment shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers. One in five vehicles leave production lines worldwide with KYB shock absorbers fitted as standard.

KYB’s factories have highly automated production lines manufacturing to exceptional standards which have been recognized with quality awards from numerous vehicle manufacturers.

Alongside the same world class quality shock absorbers, KYB also supplies a comprehensive range of coil springs (Europe only), suspension mounting kits and protection kits to the aftermarket.

KYB strives to exceed customer expectations at all levels, including market leading product range, world class customer service, unrivalled availability and first pick rate. Customers have shown their appreciation for this with numerous supplier of the year awards.

KYB Europe & KYB Americas are working hard to offer more than just product and are continually looking for ways to help the technicians fitting KYB products to do their job more easily. This includes a ‘suspension solutions’ package in Europe, which boasts an excellent range of fitting videos, training, sales tools plus a QR code system where the technician can scan the product box to access fitting information specific to that vehicle. In America it is the ‘Ride Control Solutions’ program.

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