Monroe is one of the global automotive industry’s best known and most trusted brands, delivering innovative original equipment and replacement ride control solutions – including shock absorbers, struts, and steering and suspension components – to several generations of professional technicians and vehicle owners. This heritage, with more than 100 years of delivering leading-edge products for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, buses, vans, severe service applications and commercial vehicles, has made Monroe a leading brand among vehicle manufacturers, service professionals and consumers worldwide.

Monroe helps bring innovative solutions to the aftermarket as each new generation of original equipment ride control technology will eventually become an aftermarket service opportunity. As a premier supplier of OE ride control products to vehicle and equipment manufacturers worldwide, Monroe has helped establish a standard of excellence for product reliability, endurance and ride and handling performance. Our global OE leadership is more than a quality advantage – it also helps ensure quality replacement products are available for virtually every popular vehicle model, at every stage of its service life.

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